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Amazing Ways Accountants Help Your Business Profitability

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I went to see someone refer to us that needs our service.  In the course of our discussion, he said ‘I don’t normally want to talk to chartered accountants, I prefer this accounting graduate of Universities and Polytechnics and Ordinary National Diploma graduates’

I asked him, ‘What result are you expecting from whoever is your accountant?’ He said, he cannot say specifically but know he should be able to take care of his account.

This shows our men do not know how an accountant can help his business profitably.

This leads me to another experience I had with a lady accountant who came for a job interview in our office.  I asked her what her schedule of duty in her current place of work. She said, she collects cash from the salesmen who go out to sell, count it and give it to the managing director.

Business owners and managers need to know and understand what accountants are supposed to do. It is wrong to see them as “counter of money”.  Accountants are trained to add value to businesses, especially to the profitability, that’s why this is our focus today


Here’s the link to the article: Amazing Ways Accountants Help Your Business Profitability


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