Benefits of Having Accurate, Relevant and Timely Financial Report

In today’s article we will walk  through the Benefits of Having Accurate, Relevant and Timely Financial Report

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Hey there,

Trust things are going on well with you and your business.

I’ll like to tell you a story, a real-life story.

I went to a tax station; I met this man in the tax station manager’s office.

Sweating profusely……  and begging the tax station manager.

I became curious of what could be the problem!

I later learnt he was slammed with BOJ assessment.

I know somebody is asking what is BOJ? BOJ is Best of Judgement assessment.

This is when a you cannot support your claim from the tax man with accounting records and financial statements.

The law gives the tax man power to assess you based on his own best of judgement.

That’s just by the way.

The man said, ‘the business is dead because he was not keeping accounting records talk less of preparing financial statement and this made him to eat both the ‘profit and the capital’

These two things can make you to be in the dark in your business

  • Not keeping proper books of account
  • Not preparing regular financial statement

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And see what you have been missing!!!

Yours in enhancing your profitability and growth

J. Taiwo Popoola



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