Bookkeeping For SMEs In Nigeria

Bookkeeping is concerned with the filing of source documents, and recording of financial transactions in the books of accounts of your business. Bookkeeping is so significant to your business in the sense that it forms the bedrock of processing information for your business to make decisions by all the stakeholders.

We offer a complete on-site and off-site bookkeeping service which includes the use of web-based or online accounting software to keep your books at affordable rates.

Our bookkeeping service includes among others:

Setting up a proper and good accounting system for your business which will track your income and expenses.
Set up of General ledger and maintenance
Your books and accounts will be maintained regularly, to prepare management accounts for you to make decisions.
Analysis of monthly financial statements to monitor performance

We work with you through our teams of bookkeepers and accountants who keep your books accurate and up-to-date through the following steps:

At the close of business, simply scan bills, sales and purchases invoices, payment and petty cash vouchers, etc.
We read every piece of paper you send and store them in a paperless file cabinet we maintain just for you.
We do all your bookkeeping directly into your account on our web-based/online accounting software.
Our accountants review and check the quality of work done.
We solve problems and create management reports for you every day.
You review your reports online. You know what to focus on today because you know exactly what happened yesterday.
You run your business by focusing on sales, customers, and operations (no bookkeeping)