Can You do me a Favour?

“Help! I’m finding it difficult to have enough fund to run my business. What should I do?” is a question I get asked almost daily by my followers and clients.

It’s not surprising…

“Poor accounting syndrome” is the #1 challenge facing entrepreneurs today.

Do you ever wish you know your sales, debtors or account receivables and the rate of collection of your debts monthly including comparing it with profit.

I get it…. And it’s not “just” frustrating, either.

Because not keeping proper books of account means leaving money on the table through late collection of invoices or not collecting at all.

And your lack of money to fund your business…

And your goal of becoming wealthy in your space feels more and more out of reach…

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I am about to start my popular 5-day LIVE “Grow your business with accounting” challenge, where I’ll share my best tips and strategies for improving your business accounting and attracting new business opportunities, within a short time.

I only run it once a year!

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Yours in Enhancing your profitability and growth

J. Taiwo Popoola

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