Forensic Accounting

Forensic Accounting is a detailed examination and analysis of financial documents and records for use as evidence in a court of law. It is also an investigative accounting.

It can also refer to anything from the execution of a fraud analysis to the recreation of “true” accounting records after the discovery that they have been manipulated

In the event of a legal dispute, expert accounting assistance is often needed to achieve the best possible result.

Our firm saves you money and time in the course of litigation and dispute resolutions through our extensive experience which enables us to provide independent and objective in litigation, investigation and alternative dispute resolutions processes acting on behalf or for clients and the legal profession, insurance companies, corporate and personal clients, local government and government agencies.

We provide a clear approach needed to help courts deal with complex accountancy issues in all types of civil and criminal litigation dispute.

We can help you and your business in a wide range of areas include:

Personal Injury Claims
Breach of contract and Commercial Dispute
Compensation Claims for Compulsory Purchase Orders
Business Interruption Claims
Fraud investigations
Negligence and warranty claims
Share and business valuation
Family disputes

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