Implications Of Tax And Economic Measures Introduced By Federal Inland Revenue Service

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I hope you’re staying safe and keeping well in these difficult times. The outbreak of coronavirus disease (COVID-19) and its widespread like wildfire all over the world are stretching the health system of nations.

Not only that, but it is also creating adverse economic impacts on government revenues, businesses, families, and individuals as a result of social distancing and stay at home.

This has prompted government various governments across the world to introduce fiscal and economic stimulants to ease the impact of the pandemic on taxpayers and save their economy from collapse.

It is as a result of this, we wish to bring to your attention the implications of the tax measures put together by the Federal Inland Revenue Service and the economic measures by the Central Bank of Nigeria. Please Read Here
If there is any other development, we will keep you posted. Stay tuned

Implications Of Tax And Economic Measures Introduced By Federal Inland Revenue Service In Response To COVID-19 Pandemic

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