Bookkeeping Services

Bookkeeping Service

(for Profitability and Growth of your business)

  • Bookkeeping is an activity concerned with the recording of financial data relating to business operation in a significant and orderly manner. Which covers procedural aspects of accounting work and embrace record keeping function.
    It is that aspect of accounting that is concerned with the mechanics of keeping accounts, ledgers, and journals, including posting entries and taking trial balances.
  • Bookkeeping provides the necessary support for such accounting functions as the preparation of financial statements, cost reports, and tax returns.

Are we relevant to your business?

If you’re not sure you need a professional bookkeeper, here are some questions to consider.

  • Do you know how much money is in your bank account?
      • Do you reconcile your bank accounts every month?
      • Do you know how much sales you make in a month?
      • Do you know where your major sales are generated?
      • Do you know what constitutes your major expenditure monthly?
      • How often do you make decision using your financial statements?
      • Can you print an accurate and timely financial statement?
      • Are your bills paid on time, and do you take advantage of discounts?
      • Do you struggle with year-end numbers for your tax return?
      • Are your administrative files neat and organized?

If you answer “no,” to any of the above questions, then your next step is to CLICK HERE

  • Bookkeeping Service is an online, internet or web based bookkeeping service which aims to provide free set up of bookkeeping system for small and medium entreprises with the objective of using our web based software to maintain their accounting records. Apart from providing a timely and accurate financial statements, it saves our clients,
  • cost of acquisition of a software,
  • maintenance,
  • training and
  • upgrading the software if their volume of transaction increase.

How does Our Bookkeeping Service Work?

  1. Review existing bookkeeping systems, learn the customer’s needs and make recommendations.
  2. Regularly (determined by need) input new information.
  3. Set up your filing system, computerized bookkeeping systems (with our online bookkeeping solution) for customers with no previous accounts receivable/accounts payable records on computer.
  4. Assist with invoicing or other office data management tasks.
  5. Create management reports as requested.
  6. Run financial management statements for month-end, quarterly or year-end periods.
  7. Prepare payroll records including state and federal withholding reports.
  8. Assist with tax preparation.

Areas of book keeping :

  • – Sales Invoicing
    – Sales Ledger Control
    – Purchase Ledger Control
    – Credit Control
    – Bank reconciliation
    – Preparation of ledgers
    – VAT Calculation
  • Book keeping includes :
    • Book keeping quarterly, monthly, yearly
      – Segregating all the documents
      – Sorting and arranging
      – Coding
      – Indexing
      – Entry of transactions (Purchase/Expense, Sales)
      – Journal Entries
      – Bank entries and reconciliation
      – Cash transactions entries
      – Reconciliation of suppliers (Creditors)
      – Reconciliation of customers (Debtors)
      – VAT & Bank Reconciliation-Monthly

Value added Bookkeeping Services :
Apart from all the standard online bookkeeping services, we also offer custom reports that enable customers to better analyze their revenue and expenses. A list of additional services provided is as follows:

» Customer Reports :
Reports on your customers that give you a quick view of who your most and least profitable customers are.
» Event Analysis :
Reports on revenue and expenses associated with specific events.
» Break-up of Expenses :
Report on break-up of expenses categories, such as by product line, office or region.
» Employee Reports :
Reports showing company expenses and/or revenue
associated with individual employees and year-end
reports showing what their employment costs the company.

Our Book Keeping Services also include :

– Day-to-day bookkeeping and accounting.
– Books balanced and reconciled monthly.
– Management accounts produced monthly.
– VAT returns produced monthly.
– Annual accounts and tax returns preparation.
– Submission to Inland Revenue.
– Submission to Corporate Affairs Commission.
Expert tax advice to minimize tax liability.
– Adjustments to year-end accounts..

Benefits of our Bookkeeping Service :
We are sure that you will be benefited with us after hiring our Bookkeeping Services :

-Cost savings on purchase, training,maintenance and upgrading of software if volume of transactions increase
– Guaranteed quality
-Access to your accounting records wherever you are,  once there is internet connection

-Faster closure of books
– Focus to grow the business
– Peace of mind
– Better books, better profits
– Measurable benefits

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To your success in business,

J. Taiwo Popoola