Last Minute Invitation. . .

Hello Taiwo,

First and foremost, I apologize for the last minute invitation to

 the FREE 5-Day “Grow Your Business with Accounting” Challenge

I just decided to run the challenge and thought of you!

When: March18 – 22, 2019

Where: Online, in your inbox and you can ask question on our forum.

What: the FREE 5-Day “Grow Your Business with Accounting” Challenge. This will help you to be in control of your business.

Why: Because if you don’t know the details of the facts behind the figures, you are like the blind driving a vehicle..

What to Expect: You will have the opportunity to know how to get ACCURATE DATA. Have a sound understanding of how ACCOUNTING WORKS. Know who else are interested in your business – STAKEHOLDERS. And what to do to get FACTS BEHIND THE FIGURES.

Cost: FREE

Invite a friend, colleague, or business associate. Feel free to forward this email on to anyone you know who could benefit from this kind of support.

I have been crunching numbers over 30years ago, out of which 29 were as a chartered accountant. My passion is helping SMEs utilize accounting to make a tons of money. Whether you are in manufacturing, merchandise or services, we are in the business of growing your business, so that you can give a legacy . . . This day is for YOU!

Look forward to seeing you soon!

Yours in enhancing your profitability and growth

J. Taiwo Popoola

P.S. Note that “A man’s ignorance is his obstacle” and “Knowledge is Power”