Unity Bank Seeks Growth of SMEs

kobi1424262278Unity Bank Plc says it has introduced the Unity Biz Current Account as part of its bouquet of products aimed at supporting the Micro, Small and Medium-scale Enterprises.

The lender described the SME space as its key market focus, saying it provided the platform that enabled the bank to tap into business opportunities in the segment.

It added that the SME space had been identified as the fulcrum of economic growth in the country.

In a statement on Thursday, it said, “The value proposition embedded in the Unity Biz Current Account lies in the fact that structured businesses in the SME space are able to access both the asset and liability sides of the product at concessionary rates, which benchmark the best pricing offered in the industry.”

“The Unity Biz account is also bundled with the Business Debit Card, a Verve card that allows a maximum of five cards per SME such that each card can be programmed with separate transaction dynamics,” it added.

According to the statement, the lender also offers the SMEs financial advisory services and free quarterly counseling and networking sessions to guide businesses that subscribe to the Unity Biz scheme.

The MSMEs, manufacturing, retail and wholesale segments of the market are expected to benefit from the product.

“Unity Bank, a major promoter of agro-businesses, expects that agro-allied and packaging companies keying into the ongoing diversification efforts of both the federal and state governments will find the Unity Biz account useful as a supporting tool for their operations,” the statement concluded.