The Benefits of Using the Services of Chartered Accountants

In today’s article we will walk  through the benefits of using the services of chartered accountants…

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Revealed! The Benefits of Using the Services of Chartered Accountants

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I got a referral that someone needs accounting and tax services.

I went to see the person in his office.

After the usual exchange of pleasantries, we got talking ………..

Suddenly the person just said ‘I don’t normally want to engage chartered accountants in my business. And that he prefers accounting graduate and ordinary national diploma. He said chartered accountants are always too expensive.

I asked him, what are your expectations when you employ an accountant or you are using the services of an accountant? I asked him to be specific.

He said, he just needs an accountant to keep his books.

We continued our discussion, suddenly he called my attention to the issue of rent in their business. After telling him, how he should keep the rent document and the treatment in the account, I went further to let him know he would need to deduct withholding tax on the rent and remit it to the appropriate tax authority.

Suddenly, he said I can now see why your service is far better than the category of accountants that I preferred.

He said “I’m impressed by the way you gave me a rundown of the treatment of the rent transactions and also its tax implication”

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Please do not forget chartered accountants are in the business to save you money and to make you money.

Yours in enhancing your profitability and growth

J. Taiwo Popoola

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