WEEKEND READ: On outsourcing…

It’s easy to fall prey to the dreaded “Lone Ranger Syndrome.”

That’s the illness that makes you say things like:
—> “It’s just better if I do it myself.”
—> “I can’t afford to outsource.”
—> “It’ll have to wait until I can get to it.”

But this disease (read that again: “DIS” + “EASE”) can eat away at the health of your business — and you! Here are some hints that you may have caught it.

—> The “great outdoors” has become just a concept.

—> Your “to-do” list is taller than you!

—> “Send out a newsletter” has been on your “to-do” list for three years running.

—> Guilt follows YOU for not following up with new connections and potential clients.

—> You do all of your bookkeeping once a year, usually the first week in January.

—> Your website is so out of date you don’t want to give the address to anyone.

Ohhh. It’s painful, I know! You stay up all hours, inside for days. You struggle with new online platforms, new skill sets. You push harder to get it all done. But mostly, you’re just tired.

To cure this exhausting malady and put a little more ease into your life and business, ask yourself these questions:

1. How important is this task to the well-being of my business? To the growth of my business?

2. Do I really need to do this myself? Why?

3. Do I have the skills I need to do a good job at this task?

4. Do I want to learn the skills I’ll need to do this task well?

5. How much time would I realistically spend completing this task at a standard that I would like?

6. Multiply that realistic time estimate by your hourly rate, and ask, “Is it really cost-effective for me to do this task?”

7. What am I afraid of if I let someone else do this task?

8. What might I be avoiding by doing this task?

9. Is there some portion of this task that I can let go of, if not the entire thing?

10. What else could I be doing for my business with the time I’ve saved by outsourcing a task — and how does that affect my income?

And a pair of bonus questions: What else could I be doing for myself with the time I’ve saved? How does taking care of myself that way help my business?

Oftentimes, outsourcing requires a leap of faith. But if you’re a lone ranger, riding your horse in circles, nothing will ever change.

Have you been keeping your business books of account by yourself?

Or you are not even keeping at all?

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To your success in business,

J. Taiwo Popoola