Welcome to the Second Half of the Year

Hey there,

In a game of Football, half time is very important. And it provides so many opportunities for both teams.  In terms of:

  • to appraise performance of each player
  • review the first half of the game to know where improvements have to be made.
  • Review the style of play

These always result in making certain changes which are targeted at achieving the goal of winning the game.

In business, it might not be exactly the same as it is in the game of soccer, but half year is a time to review and re-strategize your business operations with a view to have great performance at the end of the year.

If your business has a budget, this is the time you need to take a holistic analysis of your business operation by comparing budget to actual, so that you will be able to give the second half of the year a new direction to a good performance.

Most micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) do not always do this because they do not have good accounting records that generate accurate, timely and relevant information which are necessary for managing businesses.

Lack of good accounting system is making you to lose money directly and indirectly.

Hiring an accountant helps you to save money directly by not failing to collect your sales as at when due.

If time is money, hiring an accountant, indirectly saves you money by using the time you will spend in keeping your books of account on something else.

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J. Taiwo Popoola

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