Why Start-Ups Fail

There are so many factors that make start up business fail.

While some of the factors are due to the environment but majority of the factors are due to the individual start-up character and belief.

There is a man who is an expert in his profession, well versed, knowledgeable, he is what you can call a guru.

He helped a lot of people to set up businesses in this profession, who are successful in business.

He decided to take a shot at business, set up a company in his profession, things were moving on well.

Suddenly, he thought he needed to target the high-class people – the rich. To do this, he would need to relocate his company to where the rich live.

He was introduced to a rich man who had a belief that such businesses are money spinners.

The rich man gave a plum house in a high brow area and some items of furniture as his share capital contribution and was allotted shares to the tune of 45%.

Not quite 6 months, the rich man start calling for share of profit, making all sort of demands on the business.

In no time, the man could not cope again and this resulted in serious fight between the two of them that resulted in continuous harassment to the extent that he had to pack out of the building.

The business eventually collapsed.

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Have you ever been in this situation? Share your experience with us.

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  1. Taiwo Popoola

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