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​5 days. 5 lessons. A whole new way to keep accounting record.

Day 1: ​Ensure accurate data

​​Accounting provides information and as such the sources of data must be accurate. This depends on who is keeping it and how it is being kept.

Day 2: ​How accounting works?

​​What are the basis upon which accounting works? What policies are you following? All these are vital to good financial statements

Day 3: ​Stakeholders or Users of financial statements

​​Most entrepreneurs always think their business is meant only for themselves, not taking consequence of others who always have something to do with their business.

Day 4: What’s In It For ME?

​​​Accounting enable you to be at the steady wheel and able to avoid potholes and dangerous bend.

Day 5: ​​What next?

​​There are 3 ways available to keep your accounting records

  1. By yourself.
  2. Employ an accountant.
  3. Outsource to an accounting firm.

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