The 10 Basic Questions Your Business Plan Must Answer

The 10 Basic Questions Your Business Plan Must Answer
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The key to Business plan success is to answer all of the following 10 Basic Question in enough depth.

A) Your Dreams:
What do you want your business to provide for you? (Think time, money, freedom, who you work with) Be specific.

B) Customers:
Who are your customers and what do they want/ need?

C) Your Products and Services:
What products/services will you provide to meet customer’s needs?

D) Markets:
Where ere your customers and what do you know about them as a group? What is their ago, income, gender, hobbies, family structure, etc.

E) Your style:
How will you reach customers and what will you say?
F) Competitors:
Where else are your customers likely to get this need met? Find out all about how your competitors price, market, and provide service.

G) Your Uniqueness:
How will your product/service meet customer’s needs differently than your competitors?

H) Your Abilities:
Of the skills necessary to run your business, what do you do well, and what do you need help with?

I) External Resources:
What people/technology/services will support you in the skills you need help with?

J) Fulfilling your Dreams:
How will your business provide the kind of working environment you desire, e.g. regarding how much time you spend, how you perform your work, and how much money you make?
Once you can answer all these questions, have your Business plan viewed by some trusted, experience professionals who will give you objective feedback. Consider a business coach, as one such resource.



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