10 Effective Ways to Reduce Your Business Costs in a Recession

10 Effective Ways to Reduce Your Business Costs in a Recession

1.  Barter

If you have a business you ought to be bartering products and services with various other businesses. You must trade for something before you buy it. Barter deals generally call for little or no cash.

2.  Network.

Attempt networking your business with various other businesses.You might trade your customer base or mailing lists with other businesses. This will certainly reduce your marketing and advertising expenses. You could likewise attempt bartering goods and services with them.

3.  Wholesale or Bulk Purchases.

You could conserve cash by purchasing your business supplies in wholesale or bulk quantities. Purchase the supplies you are constantly running short of.

4.  Free Things.

You need to attempt checking out hundreds of free offer websites online prior to purchasing your business items.You could locate cost-free software application, graphics and online business services.

5.  Borrow/Rent.

Have you ever bought business equipment you only required for a small period of time? You could simply borrowed the equipment from someone else or rented the equipment from a “rent-all” store.

6.  Public Auctions.

You could locate reduced costs on business supplies and equipment at online and offline auctions. I’m not saying all the time, but before you go pay retail for these items try bidding on them first.

7.  Plan Ahead.

Make a list of business supplies or equipment you’ll need in the future. Keep an eye out for stores that have big sales. Purchase the supplies when they go on sale before you need them.

8.  Used Stuff.

If your business equipment and supplies don’t need to be new, buy them used. You can find used items at yard and garage sales, used stores, used stuff for sale message boards and newsgroups etc.

9.  Negotiate.

You should always try negotiate a lower price for any business equipment or supplies. It doesn’t hurt to try. Pretend you are talking to a salesman at a car lot.


You can always be searching for new suppliers for your business supplies and equipment. Look for suppliers with lower prices and better quality. Don’t just be satisfied with a few.



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