What to Expect From Nigeria 2016 Budget

What to Expect From Nigeria 2016 Budget
  • The reduction in tax for businesses as well as subsidizing funding for priority sectors such as agriculture and solid minerals.”
  • Training of 500,000 unemployed graduates and NCE holders and deployed in partnership with state and local governments. He said, “These graduate teachers will be deployed to primary schools, thereby, enhancing the provision of basic education especially in primary in our rural areas.”
  • Implementable and transparent conditional cash transfer program
  • Provision of Free tertiary education for science, technology and education students and home-grown public primary school feeding:
  • Provision of Large-scale infrastructural development and investments in infrastructure and security to support our reforms in the Agriculture, Solid Minerals and other core job creating sectors of our economy.
  • Improvement and devoting a significant portion of recurrent expenditure to institutions that provides critical services like education, N369.6 billion; defense, N294.5 billion; health, N221.7 billion; and N145.3 billion in the Ministry of Interior.

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