No TIN-for-Bank Account Requirement in Finance Bill – Presidency

No TIN-for-Bank Account Requirement in Finance Bill – Presidency

The Presidency said on Sunday that there is no provision in the Finance Bill (2022) that states that banks will be required to request for Tax Identification Number before opening bank accounts for individuals and existing account holders must provide their TIN to continue operating their accounts.

A top Presidency said this in a statement titled ‘No TIN requirement for Nigerians to operate bank accounts in Finance Bill 2022, says Presidency”.

According to the source, there are no provisions in the Finance Bill 2022, now before the National Assembly, forcing Nigerians to have a Tax ID number in order to operate a bank account.

The presidency highlighted the main changes proposed under the bill, which it said would be further defended this week at both the Senate and the House of Representatives.

It said, “Capital gains tax at the rate of five percent to be applicable on disposal of shares in a Nigerian company worth N500m or more in any 12 consecutive months except where the proceed is reinvested in the shares of any Nigerian company within the same year of assessment. Partial re-investment will attract tax proportionately. Transfer of shares under the regulated Security Lending Transaction is exempted.

“Lottery and gaming business to be specifically taxable under CITA including betting, the game of chance, promotional competition, gambling, wagering, video poker, roulette, craps, bingo, slot or gaming machines and the like.

“Companies engaged in petroleum operations including midstream and downstream operations will not be eligible for exemption on profits in respect of goods exported from Nigeria. Downstream companies were previously eligible under the old upstream and downstream classification.



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